Top 10 players and shares of rail freight carriers in Austria in 2022

Top 10 players and shares of rail freight carriers in Austria in 2022
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The Austrian rail control commission, Schienen Control, issued a summary report for 2022. While passenger rail booked a record-breaking year, rail freight struggled to grow and mainly stagnated.

As per the Schienen Control report, the problems for Austria to growth in rail freight are attributed to the lack of qualified personnel, lack of locomotives, challenges imposed by the war in Ukraine, and some infrastructure works in neighbouring Germany. All of this contributed to the fact that rail freight is not winning here in the battle with road transport.

In Austria, the dominant player is the ÖBB-owned Rail Cargo Austria. It still has a 60.8% market share, although it is steadily decreasing. In 2018, the company had a 69.3% market share. All the remaining rail freight carriers operating in Austria had below 5% of the market share.

Here is the list of top 10 rail freight operators in Austria in 2022:

© Shienen Control 
© Shienen Control 

These companies are followed by FRACHTbahn and FOXrail, both slightly above 1% and then companies with a share between 0.5% and 1% market share – RTB Cargo Austria, PKP Cargo, DB Cargo Czechia, EUROGATE Rail Hungary. Railtrans International, DB Cargo, and Steiermark Transport und Logistik.

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