RFF: Putting more goods on rail through greater digitalization

RFF: Putting more goods on rail through greater digitalization
Clemens Först and Sigrid Nikkuta © RAILMARKET.com / Karel Novak

Sigrid Nikkuta succeeds Clemens Först as chair of European rail freight companies' Rail Freight Forward initiative.

"If we succeed in transporting more goods by rail, we will also succeed in meeting the European Union's climate targets. Achieving a 30 % share in the continental transport mix for freight trains is possible - with the digitalization and automation of rail transport," CEO DB Cargo Sigrid Nikutta started today's press conference at Transport & Logistics in Munich.

"Rail is in Europe's DNA," continues Sigrid Nikkuta, comparing rail with road transport: "Every freight train emits 80% to 100% less CO2."

The DB Cargo CEO became the new chairman of the Rail Freight Forward initiative, which has been chaired by Clemens Först, CEO of the Rail Cargo Group for five years.

"Five years ago, we launched the Noah's Train art project to bring the climate saver on rail to people's attention," explains Clement Först continues that rail is a fundamental part of a climate solutions.

According to both, the target of a 30% modal share for climate-friendly rail freight can be achieved within a few years.

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