Nexxiot introduces new Vector sensor for freight trains

Nexxiot introduces new Vector sensor for freight trains
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Multi-purpose vector sensor is designed to monitor brakes, hatches and doors on railcars.

According to Nexxiot, the design of the Vector sensor "creates optionality for customers to address multiple use cases with a versatile architecture". With a guaranteed lifetime of more than 15 years, Nexxiot says the device measures the distance between two objects in real time to provide data on hand brakes, access hatches and train doors. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth LE (BLE) to the Nexxiot Globehopper gateway, which sends the data to cloud for processing and analysis. 

"The demand for reliable rail freight transport is growing as urbanisation and resource insecurity increase," said Nexxiot in a release. "Railway companies are committed to providing safe, high-quality freight services to meet the growing demand. Several damaging transport incidents in recent months are accelerating the need for innovation that is changing the way the industry operates."

Previously, Nexxiot says, the only way to monitor railcar brake status, hatch opening or closing events and door usage was through physical inspections and manual reporting. With automated data collection, essential safety checks and component condition monitoring, potential future failure points are identified as they occur.

"Both rail operators and cargo owners benefit from this innovation," said Paul Wielsch, CTO of Nexxiot. "With increased attention on safety, compliance and resource security, the Vector sensor offers multiple stakeholders the ability to monitor processes and demonstrate to their customers that they are taking the utmost care when it comes to safety and cargo quality."

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