Austria: New TransFER streamlines waste transport by rail

Austria: New TransFER streamlines waste transport by rail

LINZ AG's TransFER system uses MOBILER, a multimodal logistics system that significantly reduces the number of truck journeys.

LINZ AG, which is active in the fields of energy, telecommunications, transport, and municipal services, serves Linz and 116 other municipalities in Upper Austria. A new TransFER system has been developed to enable large quantities of municipal waste to be transferred by rail in accordance with the Waste Management Act, which came into force in Austria in January this year. A hydraulic lifting device on the MOBILER vehicle enables quick and easy transfer of MOBILER containers between truck and wagon - without the need for a crane or industrial siding.

Specifically, the new TransFER has been developed as a new type of trestle. The MOBILER truck places the empty containers on the trestle and the containers are then filled. The truck is no longer needed during this step – in this way. When full, the containers are collected by the MOBILER truck and taken to Graz Ost station, where they are transferred to the wagons of the RCG trains, which then continue to Linz. The MOBILER truck returns to the Graz Holding site with new empty containers. Since the beginning of the year, RCG has been transporting an annual volume of 7,500 additional tonnes of municipal waste from Graz to Linz using innovative MOBILER logistics.

The new law stipulates that a load of waste weighing more than 10 tonnes must be transported by rail if the distance exceeds 300 km. From 1 January 2024, such waste loads must be transported by rail for distances of 200 km or more, and from 1 January 2026 for distances of 100 km or more. The total potential for waste transport by rail in Austria is about 15 million tonnes.

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