Austria: Rail to handle all waste transport over 200 kilometers

Austria: Rail to handle all waste transport over 200 kilometers

RCG will manage the increased demand, promising not only operational excellence but also significant environmental benefits.

In a significant step towards environmental sustainability, the amended Waste Management Act ushers in a new era of waste transport in Austria. The legislation now requires waste shipments over 200 kilometers to be carried out by rail, providing significant environmental benefits and in line with the country's climate goals.

The Waste Management Act, known as the AWG, which came into force on 1 January 2023, initially requires waste to be transported by rail if it exceeds 10 tonnes and covers more than 300 kilometers. I In 2024, this threshold will be reduced to 200 kilometers, with plans to further reduce it to 100 kilometers in two years. This progressive legislation marks a major shift in waste management practices and contributes significantly to Austria's environmental protection efforts.

In response to this legislative change, Rail Cargo Group (RCG) has developed various logistics solutions in collaboration with new and existing customers. These solutions are not limited to Austria but extend across Europe, with notable projects including transports from Italy to the Netherlands for DIFE, sewage sludge transports for böhler Abfall GmbH, and municipal waste transports for LINZ AG.

To meet the growing demand for rail-based waste transport, RCG is investing €75 million in innovative equipment. At the heart of this investment is the MOBILER container system, designed for the multi-purpose transport of goods, including waste and construction materials. RCG plans to double its MOBILER fleet to 2,500 units by 2026. The system's flexibility and efficiency are enhanced by a hydraulic lifting device that allows containers to be easily transferred between trucks and rail undercarriages, eliminating the need for cranes or industrial sidings.

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