Priority of freight trains with energy raw materials has been approved in Czechia

Priority of freight trains with energy raw materials has been approved in Czechia

This procedure is intended to help the operation of energy companies by preventing potential shortages of a specific commodity from threatening their continued operation.

In the Czech Republic, a practical procedure has been approved by Government for ensuring priority passage of freight trains with energy raw materials on railway routes. This option will not be automatically available but can be used in specific justified cases where supply delays to the energy industry may occur.

"We are launching this option in the context of the need to secure energy raw materials, for example, for the supply of heat for residents and companies or for the production of electricity," said Minister of Industry and Trade Josef Síkela.

The possibility of faster transportation is especially helpful for companies that use raw materials such as coal, LTO fuel oil, fuel, or LPG for their operations. In practice, this may mean that providing faster deliveries of energy raw materials to a particular location (e.g. power stations, fuel depots, etc.) may have an impact on the delay of specific passenger trains giving priority to freight transport. 

"It will be on selected freight trains on selected routes for a certain period as necessary. So passengers need not worry that every freight train will now have priority over a passenger train. The necessity, urgency, and delay of the delivery under standard conditions must be proven in each case," explained Minister of Transport Martin Kupka.

Similar measures are being applied in Germany, where in response to the current crisis, "priority corridors" have been" introduced to give high priority to supply-relevant goods trains (read more). Priority will be given to trains immediately during the journey, for example, when passing through restriction points on the lines (closures) or when other trains are delayed - i.e. during so-called operational control. This can also help to turn wagons and locomotives around more quickly. However, the standard rules will apply in the case of capacity assignment in timetabling.

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