Adif offers lease of operation of a freight terminal near Pamplona

Adif offers lease of operation of a freight terminal near Pamplona
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The minimum lease duration is fifteen years.

Adif, the administrative infrastructure manager for Spanish railways, has initiated a bidding process for the lease of 34,000 square meters of space and facilities at the Noáin freight transport terminal in Navarra.

With a lease starting on July 1, 2025, the contract's minimum budget is set at 2.3 million euros and spans an initial term of 15 years. This term may be extended by up to five years, contingent on the execution of additional investments. Prior to commencing operations, the lessee is required to invest a minimum of 5 million euros.

This leasing opportunity is expected to boost freight rail traffic and the activities at the Noáin intermodal transport center. The terminal reported handling 369 trains and managing 10,837 Intermodal Transport Units (ITUs) in 2023.

The facilities on offer will enable the successful bidder to operate an intermodal cargo terminal. This operator will have exclusive authorization to provide loading and unloading services for ITUs and other related logistics services. These services include the storage of ITUs (excluding hazardous goods), the installation of refrigerated containers, and the maintenance and repair of these freight transport units.

Interested companies have the option to bid for land plots ranging from a minimum of 5,000 square meters to a maximum of 8,500 square meters. These plots are intended for the expansion of the intermodal cargo terminal. Additionally, bidding companies can vie for other logistic spaces, including a 2,100 square meter warehouse and 180 square meters of workspace for activities related to the operation of the intermodal cargo terminal.

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