GATX and Trifleet offer intermodal LNG cargo transportation

GATX and Trifleet offer intermodal LNG cargo transportation

Through cooperation, the companies support sustainable transport with innovative LNG transport solutions.

LNG, cryogenic Liquefied Natural Gas, is made from a very high energy density mixture that predominantly consists of methane. LNG is the energy source for the future, as it offers an alternative technology bridge for the next 15-20 years. Today, there is a diverse set of applications for energy-rich substances. LNG can be used as a fuel for vehicles, and as a source of process energy for numerous industrial applications, and LNG can provide energy to local gas suppliers. Essentially, it can become a substitute fuel, alleviating some of Europe's current dependence on gas. Germany, for example, has already taken the initiative to invest in LNG terminals.

GATX and Trifleet have now agreed to cooperate, which includes intermodal transportation by adopting a new safe method of transporting LNG. By combining GATX railcars and Trifleet containers, they aim to offer customers a target-oriented and distinctly sustainable supply chain. In total, it will enable the transport of up to approximately 750 tonnes of LNG per block train and integrate the benefits of full intermodality.

Climate-neutral intermodal LNG cargo transport allows placing up to 44 containers on a 580-meter block train and 34 tonnes of LNG payload per rail car. If the loading and unloading infrastructure allows, the train can be up to 815 meters long, allowing for 31 cars or 62 containers in total. Compared to conventional rail cars, full intermodality offers a leeway to repair a car or container independently without downtime and coupled with highly efficient stackable container storage. GATX containers are built in compliance with laws and regulations and are carefully designed for full intermodality.

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