India: Freight train travels 100 kilometers without a pilot

India: Freight train travels 100 kilometers without a pilot
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The incident, which led to a viral video on social media, is now being investigated to identify any safety lapses and prevent future occurrences.

In an extraordinary incident, a freight train traveled nearly 100 kilometers from Kathua station in Jammu and Kashmir to Ucchi Bassi in Mukerian, Punjab, without a pilot. The train, originally stationed at Kathua railway station, began its unexpected journey towards Pathankot, propelled by the gradient of the track. The driverless train was eventually stopped near Ucchi Bassi, averting what could have been a serious accident. There were no reports of injuries or significant damage following the incident.

The event attracted widespread attention after a video of the unmanned freight train's journey circulated on social media platforms. The footage showed the train traveling at considerable speed over the natural incline, covering the distance before railway authorities were able to intervene by activating emergency braking systems. The rapid response of the railway authorities in dealing with the situation prevented a potential disaster, demonstrating the effectiveness of emergency procedures.

The incident underlined the importance of strict safety measures in railway operations. The train, consisting of 53 wagons, carried significant quantities of material, highlighting the potential risk if it had not been stopped in time. In response to the event, the railway authorities have launched a detailed investigation to establish the circumstances that led to the uncontrolled movement of the train.

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