The first cross-Baltic freight train under the LTG Cargo flag

The first cross-Baltic freight train under the LTG Cargo flag
© LTG Cargo

LTG Cargo has successfully conducted its inaugural continuous pilot journey from Lithuania, passing through Latvia, and reaching Valga station in Estonia.

This maiden voyage, utilizing a single Siemens ER20 locomotive for the entire journey, represents a strategic move by LTG Cargo to offering comprehensive cargo transportation services across all three Baltic nations. By eliminating the need for wagon set changes at each national border, the company aims to streamline operations and reduce transit times for its customers' goods.

Eglė Šimė, the head of LTG Cargo, highlighted the significance of this test run, noting the company's possession of the necessary carrier safety certificates for Baltic operations, issued by the European Union Railway Agency and the respective national safety authorities. "The successful pilot flight from Lithuania to Estonia underscores our readiness to facilitate seamless transports across the Baltic region," Šimė stated.

The expansion into Baltic-wide services aligns with LTG Cargo's strategic vision of offering environmentally friendly logistics solutions that are competitive and accessible not only in Lithuania but across its neighboring states. Additionally, this route development is seen as a precursor to the company's ambitions to operate along the northern corridor, utilizing the forthcoming Rail Baltica tracks.

© LTG Cargo
© LTG Cargo

Preparing for Baltic operations has been a year-long endeavor for LTG Cargo, involving a rigorous certification process characterized by its depth and complexity. The company has compiled over 400 primary documents and 300 appendices to demonstrate its capability to utilize the rail infrastructure in Latvia and Estonia while adhering to all safety and legal requirements.

LTG Cargo, as part of the LTG Group, continues to forge ahead with its integration and expansion efforts in Western markets. Beyond its core services of cargo transport, the company also engages in logistics and forwarding, cargo loading, as well as the repair and rental of locomotives and wagons. The group has subsidiaries in Poland (LTG Cargo Polska) and Ukraine (LTG Cargo Ukraine).

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