Volkswagen Navarra continues to focus on rail transport

Volkswagen Navarra continues to focus on rail transport

The company reinforces its commitment to sustainability by transporting more than half of its cars by rail for the fourth consecutive year.

Volkswagen Navarra continues to prioritize sustainable transport solutions, distributing more than half of its produced cars by rail for the fourth consecutive year. This strategy is in line with Volkswagen's long-term goal of achieving "zero environmental impact" at all its plants by 2050.

In 2023, 51.9% of vehicles from the Landaben factory were transported by rail, a slight decrease from 54.1% in 2022. Despite challenges such as skills shortages and infrastructure improvements, Volkswagen Navarra remains committed to reducing emissions and improving sustainable mobility. The main destinations for these rail-bound vehicles are the Port of Barcelona, Santander, and Germany.

“Nevertheless, and despite the aforementioned circumstances, to which we must add the changes in production caused by the difficulties in the supply of parts, we have all managed to ensure that rail transport is the main mode of transport at Volkswagen Navarra for the fourth consecutive year," said Pablo Mendívil Landa, Planning and Control of Production/Distribution at Volkswagen Navarra.

Alfonso Eslava Recalde, Logistics Director at Volkswagen Navarra, acknowledges the efforts made in the face of difficulties such as the shortage of drivers and vehicles and infrastructure works. These challenges have affected the reliability and flexibility required for the transport of vehicles, but they have not affected the company's commitment to rail as the main mode of transport.

The consistent use of rail transport at Volkswagen Navarra is seen as an integral part of the Volkswagen Group's sustainability objectives. This approach is in line with the Group's strategy of producing zero-emission electric vehicles.

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