TX Logistik: more trains between Lübeck and Italy

TX Logistik: more trains between Lübeck and Italy
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Since the beginning of January, TX Logistik has been running two trains a week from the CTL terminal in Lübeck to the Quadrante Europa terminal in Verona and back.

The new service is operated as an open train system. The main customer is the Lübeck-based forwarding company Bode. Most of the goods transported are semi-trailers, NiKRASA, containers and tank containers. A train can carry up to 32 loading units. Loading days are Tuesdays and Saturdays in Lübeck and Saturdays and Thursdays in Verona. The trains take around 24 hours to cover the 1,240 kilometre route via Munich, Kufstein and Brenner.

Also at the beginning of the year, TX Logistik increased the number of round trips between Lübeck and Segrate in the Milan area from four to six. The reason for the higher frequency is the increased demand and, as a result, the additional volume being transported on the route. In addition to the existing departures on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from Lübeck and on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from Segrate, TX Logistik has added departures on Monday and Thursday from Lübeck and on Wednesday and Saturday from Segrate. The trains run between the BRG terminal in Lübeck and the Italia Milano Segrate terminal east of Milan. Trailers, NiKRASA, containers and tank containers are transported on this route. The capacity is 32 loading units per train.

TX Logistik is responsible for traction on the Lübeck-Verona and Lübeck-Segrate routes, using its own locomotive drivers and modern multi-system locomotives.

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