Siemens Mobility acquires Optrail to extend functionality of its train planning system

Siemens Mobility acquires Optrail to extend functionality of its train planning system
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The acquisition of Optrail S.r.l. by Siemens Mobility has been completed. Optrail S.r.l. is an Italian technology company that develops novel algorithms for traffic management systems (TMS) using operations research and mathematical optimisation techniques.

Optrail's core product provides real-time conflict resolution through the integration of optimisation algorithms. This takes TPS beyond traditional sequential meet and pass planning to automated optimisation of scheduling across entire rail networks. Thanks to highly efficient algorithms, necessary adjustments to operations can be processed within seconds.

Optrail is already enabling a major North American rail and network operator to optimise and automate dispatching across its entire rail network, delivering significant operational improvements.

“With the acquisition of Optrail we are enhancing our digital product portfolio for timetable construction and dispatching. Combining Optrail’s mathematical approach with our existing product we will boost the efficiency of rail operations. We facilitate significant reductions of dispatching time, minimize delays, and maximize the average speed of trains,” said Frank Gerken, COO Siemens Mobility Software and Head of Business Segment Train Planning System.

Optrail will continue to be based in Rome, Italy, and its technology will be integrated into Hacon's existing TPS products. Hacon, a Siemens company, is headquartered in Hanover, Germany, and is a key part of the software division of Siemens Mobility.

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