Women's growing influence in European rail freight logistic

Women's growing influence in European rail freight logistic
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At Forwardis, this move is evidenced by a 51% female workforce, with female leadership in several departments.

In the dynamic world of rail freight logistics, the significant contributions of women are increasingly coming to the fore. Forwardis, a company renowned for its expertise in rail freight forwarding, exemplifies this shift towards gender parity in the industry. The company boasts a 51% female workforce. This achievement is not incidental but the result of a deliberate commitment to creating a workplace where parity thrives daily. In Germany, women lead 8 out of 14 departments at Forwardis, while in France, 6 out of 11 middle managers are women. 

Forwardis embeds gender equality in its daily operations, with policies to ensure fair treatment and equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender. This ethos is rooted in the belief that diversity and inclusion are not only moral imperatives but essential drivers of innovation and growth.

Another interesting initiative was the Ladies on Tracks meeting in 2022, which aimed to highlight the key role women play in managing freight logistics across Europe. The event provided a platform to share knowledge and discuss the future of European rail transport.

As the rail sector continues to evolve, the influence of women in shaping it cannot be underestimated. Events like Ladies on Tracks and companies like Forwardis are key in the fight for a fairer, more inclusive, and prosperous future for rail logistics. Working together to embrace diversity and ensure gender equality is an essential step towards making the rail industry.

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