Polish railways in 2023: A brief summary and market shares of operators

Polish railways in 2023: A brief summary and market shares of operators

Polish Railway Transport Office released data summarizing the year 2023.

The Polish Railway Transport Office (Urząd Transportu Kolejowego - UTK) has released a comprehensive summary of the results and statistics on the Polish railways. Railmarket has selected a summary and market shares for you for both segments of railway transportation:

Passenger rail in Poland in 2023

In 2023, Polish railways experienced a record high in passenger transport, with over 374.4 million travellers, a 9.4% increase from 2022, marking the highest number since 1999. Passenger transport services reached nearly 25.9 billion passenger-kilometres, up by 2.1 billion (8.8%) from the previous year.


The passenger transport sector in Poland in 2023 was led by several operators. The distribution of market shares among these operators, based on the amount of passengers transported, was as follows:

  • POLREGIO: 26%
  • PKP Intercity: 18.2%
  • Koleje Mazowieckie: 16.4%
  • PKP SKM w Trojmmieście: 12%
  • Koleje Śląskie: 5.9%
  • Koleje Dolnośląskie: 5.1%
  • Koleje Wielkopolskie: 4.5%
  • SKM Warszawa: 4.1%
  • Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna: 2.7%
  • Koleje Małopolskie: 2.5%
  • WKD: 1.7%
  • Arriva RP: 0.7%
  • UBB: 0.14%
  • Regiojet: 0.06%

Freight rail in Poland in 2023

In 2023, freight transport saw a decline, with 231.7 million tons of cargo, a drop of 6.8% from 2022. The freight transport work was 61.6 billion ton-kilometres, the second-highest in the last decade but still a decrease of 1.4% from the previous year.

© PKP Cargo 
© PKP Cargo 

In the freight transport sector, the market was dominated by a few key players, with PKP Cargo leading. The market shares of freight transport operators in 2023 (based on the volume transported) were as follows:

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