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Viterra (Glencore Agriculture)

We are Viterra, bringing producers and consumers together in a world-leading, fully integrated agriculture network.
Viterra (Glencore Agriculture) logo

AGRO-Donau-Ries GmbH

AGRO Donau-Ries is a full-range supplier in the regional agricultural business. It is a subsidiary of the cooperative banks in the Donau-Ries district.
AGRO-Donau-Ries GmbH logo


AGROFERT is the largest group of Czech and Slovak agriculture and food industry.
AGROFERT, a.s. logo

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K+S Aktiengesellschaft

The products and services of K+S are crucial for supplying the population in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, food production, agriculture and animal feed.
K+S Aktiengesellschaft logo

ADM Hamburg AG

ADM Germany GmbH and handles the marketing and distribution of feedstuffs in Germany and Benelux, as well as international malting barley, energy and vegetable oil trading.
ADM Hamburg AG logo

fenaco Genossenschaft

fenaco is an agricultural cooperative based on a concept dating back more than 100 years. It is owned by 183 LANDIs and their 44,000-plus members, including some 23,000 working Swiss farmers.
fenaco Genossenschaft logo

Graincom GmbH

We assume responsibility for the complete logistics handling and include quality assurance of the malting barley into the bargain. Perfection in trading.
Graincom GmbH logo


Kernel – the world’s leading and the largest in Ukraine producer and exporter of sunflower oil, and major supplier of agricultural products from the Black Sea region to world markets.

Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A.

Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A. is the largest sugar producer in Poland and one of the largest sugar producers in Europe.
Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A. logo


AgroGeneration is an agricultural company which has concentrated c.a. 60,000 hectares of arable land in Ukraine since March 2007. The company’s core business is grains and oil commodity crop farming.

Moravskoslezské cukrovary, a.s.

The company Moravskoské cukrovary, a.s. is a subsidiary of the AGRANA Group. It has two production plants: in Hrušovany n. Jev., where the company's headquarters are located and the Opava branch plant
Moravskoslezské cukrovary, a.s. logo

Randli Agrár

Our family business has been growing high quality plants for almost 20 years.
Randli Agrár logo

Schweizer Zucker AG

Schweizer Zucker AG (SZU) is the only company in Switzerland that processes sugar beet and supplies the Swiss market with sugar and the resulting animal feed.
Schweizer Zucker AG logo


Sladovny Soufflet ČR - a key supplier of malt in Central Europe.


Traditional Slovak sugar producer under the Korunný cukor brand. It holds the ISO 9001 quality certificate and two products have been awarded the "SK Quality Mark".

Soufflet Group

As the leading private-owned cereal buyer in Europe, it operates in international markets in the barley, wheat and rice and pulses sectors, and supports wine growers.
Soufflet Group logo

Viterra Bodaczów sp. z o.o.

We are one of the leading plants in Poland processing oilseeds – rapeseed and soybeans. Our offer includes crude rapeseed oil for use in the further production of biofuels and biocomponents, refined rapeseed oil and crude soybean oil.
Viterra Bodaczów sp. z o.o. logo


We promote development of Ukrainian agrarian potential by providing cultivation technologies for obtaining maximum yield and quality of agricultural crops.

CICh - SC Combinatul De Ingrasaminte Chimice SRL

SC COMBINATUL DE INGRASAMINTE CHIMICE SRL is a company with a tradition in the production of chemical fertilizers and also a promoter of the latest fertilization technologies in Romania.
CICh - SC Combinatul De Ingrasaminte Chimice SRL logo

Certis Europe B.V.

Certis Europe B.V. is a development and distribution company marketing a range of crop protection products for the arable, horticultural and high value speciality crop markets.
Certis Europe B.V. logo

Beiselen Ges.m.b.H.

Beiselen GmbH is a German wholesaler in the agricultural sector. The focus is on the trade in seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural products.
Beiselen Ges.m.b.H. logo

HANSA Landhandel GmbH & Co. KG

HANSA Landhandel is a family-run company that specializes in the production of high quality compound feed for domestic livestock and the delivery of all products related to successful arable farming.
HANSA Landhandel GmbH & Co. KG logo

Beiselen GmbH

Beiselen GmbH is a German wholesaler in the agricultural sector. The focus is on the trade in seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural products.
Beiselen GmbH logo

BayWa AG

BayWa is a globally active group with the core segments of, Energy, Agriculture and Building Materials, as well as the development segment Innovation & Digitalisation.
BayWa AG logo

Boortmalt N.V.

BOORTMALT is the world leader malting company with 3 million tonnes production capacity. The group is present on 5 continents with 27 malting plants.
Boortmalt N.V. logo


Axereal is a leading agricultural and food processing cooperative group. We operate in France and around the world, originating grain andspecialising in its processing for the brewing, milling etc.
Axereal logo

Cargill Deutschland GmbH

Cargill has been active in Germany since 1955. We process agricultural raw materials at 12 locations with 1,700 employees.
Cargill Deutschland GmbH logo

CEDROB Cargo Sp. z o.o.

The company CEDROB Cargo Sp. z o.o. was established in 2017. Its task is to support the activities of Cedrob S.A. in the field of intermodal transport of raw materials for feed production.
CEDROB Cargo Sp. z o.o. logo

Raiffeisen-Getreidelagerhaus Lüneburg-Embsen GmbH

Raiffeisen-Getreidelagerhaus Lüneburg-Embsen GmbH is one of the large warehouse keepers in northeast Lower Saxony.
Raiffeisen-Getreidelagerhaus Lüneburg-Embsen GmbH logo

Duslo, a.s.

The company is primarily engaged in the production of industrial fertilizers, rubber chemicals, dispersions, adhesives and magnesium chemistry products.
Duslo, a.s. logo

YARA GmbH & Co. KG

As the world’s leading fertilizer company and a provider of environmental solutions, we address global challenges and create positive change.
YARA GmbH & Co. KG logo

Alzchem Group AG

Alzchem is a globally active specialty chemicals company that is one of the market leaders in most of its fields of activity.
Alzchem Group AG logo

Bayer AG

Bayer is a Life Science company with a more than 150-year history and core competencies in the areas of health care and agriculture.
Bayer AG logo

Lovochemie, a.s.

Lovochemie, a.s. is the largest producer of fertilizers in the Czech Republic, and its production programme has markedly contributed to the development of Czech agriculture.
Lovochemie, a.s. logo

BK Giulini GmbH

The ICL Group is a global manufacturer of mineral-based products and specialty chemicals that are used in agriculture, food and technical materials.
BK Giulini GmbH logo

Bayer Austria Ges.m.b.H.

Bayer is a Life Science company with a more than 150-year history. Since 2009, the South East European countries are organized as one group and managed centrally from Vienna, Austria.
Bayer Austria Ges.m.b.H. logo