Hexagon introduces a ground-breaking solution for precise train wheel profile measurement

Marketa Horpeniakova, Published on 07/07/2022
Hexagon introduces a ground-breaking solution for precise train wheel profile measurement

The latest product CALIPRI X, together with CALIPRI Predictor, allows rail operators to safely run their trains with longer, more predictable maintenance intervals, less downtime, and reduced lifecycle costs.

Hexagon’s Manufacturing announced the launch of CALIPRI X, a fully automated on-track wheelset measurement system that delivers significant productivity gains and operational cost savings to the rail sector. The system is the latest development from NEXTSENSE, part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. 

To meet all strict safety requirements, regular wheelset measurements must be made. Measurement of wheels and wheelsets is still typically performed manually, which is labour intensive, time-consuming, and costly. CALIPRI X removes this need for manual measurement with an automated permanently installed optical sensing system designed for 24/7 operation.

“We’ve really pushed back the boundaries with this integrated solution,” says Peter Lehofer, CALIPRI Product Manager at Hexagon. “It’s a genuine market first that meets rail industry needs for fully automated wheelset measurement without the sacrifices of precision and reproducibility that are commonly seen in products available today. The combination of highly accurate and reliable data, ease of use and the analytics provided by CALIPRI Predictor will save our customers a lot of money and bring peace of mind as they maintain their rolling stock over its lifecycle.”


The measurement itself is very simple. As the train slowly drives over the sensor unit, laser and camera modules automatically measure and record the profile of the wheels. The system measures all wheelset parameters according to European standard EN 15313 - including wheel profile, diameter, back-to-back distance, equivalent conicity, camber, and wheel toe. Out-of-tolerance areas are then identified within seconds. In combination with CALIPRI Predictor, measurements are automatically and instantly stored in the cloud and wear evolution is evaluated to enable planned downtime based on the as-is and forecasted condition of wheels.

Thanks to the rugged sensor unit with no moving parts, the system is highly resistant to the harsh railway environment and requires minimal maintenance. Temperature compensation allows reliable results in all weather conditions. For the best productivity, the system is designed to be installed on tracks where trains frequently run - in front of depots, workshops, washing facilities, or on sidings. 



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