Greener railways: Tata Steel invests in Clayton Equipment's Hybrid+ Diesel locomotives

Greener railways: Tata Steel invests in Clayton Equipment's Hybrid+ Diesel locomotives

These locomotives feature advanced hybrid technology that reduces emissions and operating costs, promoting sustainable rail operations.

Clayton Equipment has announced its commitment to supply two additional Hybrid+ Diesel CBD90 locomotives to Tata Steel's Port Talbot facility. This latest development further strengthens the partnership between the two companies and marks a significant step towards greener and more sustainable rail operations.

With the latest order, Tata Steel's steelworks fleet will soon include a total of 7 state-of-the-art hybrid+ locomotives, all of which are supplied by Clayton Equipment. The adoption of Clayton Equipment's Hybrid+ locomotives provides Tata Steel with a myriad of benefits derived from greener technology. These benefits include reduced emissions from the locomotives' cleanest diesel engines, resulting in a significantly reduced carbon footprint. The incorporation of advanced hybrid technology ensures improved fuel efficiency, reducing both operating costs and overall emissions.

The Clayton Equipment CBD90 locomotive is a versatile 90-tonne Bo-Bo locomotive. Equipped with on-board battery charging, these locomotives minimize emissions and costs, thanks to the innovative Hybrid+ technology. The battery can be charged from a 3-phase supply, providing a 100% emission-free solution, or from the low-emission, EU Stage V Diesel engine, providing the flexibility to adapt to different operational requirements. In addition to the environmental benefits, the implementation of the Hybrid+ Diesel locomotives leads to a significant reduction in noise levels.

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