Sweden: LKAB expands fleet with 20 new ore wagons

Sweden: LKAB expands fleet with 20 new ore wagons
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The investment comes as part of efforts to replace wagons damaged during winter derailments on the Ore Line.

Kiruna Wagon and LKAB have signed an agreement for 20 new ore wagons, in addition to the 100 wagons ordered in 2022. The investment is made to replace the wagons that were damaged in the winter derailments on the Ore Line.

Since traffic started after the derailments, LKAB has put a lot of work into streamlining the flow of ore deliveries. Today, an average of 10 fully loaded ore trains per day to Narvik harbor.

“The fact that we are now making an additional investment in additional wagons to replace those damaged in the derailments means that we improve our conditions to succeed in maintaining a high delivery rate to the ports, commented Caroline Wiss, CEO of LKAB Malmtrafik.

Of the first 100 wagons, Kiruna Wagon has delivered 40 to date, which are now in service. There are still 2-4 new wagons delivered every week. The last of the 100 wagons is expected to be delivered in the autumn and then the production of the 20 extra wagons that LKAB has now ordered will begin immediately. These will be delivered during October-December 2024.

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