Transfesa Logistics: new 200 car transport wagons

Transfesa Logistics: new 200 car transport wagons

With these wagons, the company aims to promote the development of UIC gauge traffic on the Mediterranean corridor.

Over the next two years, Transfesa Logistics will acquire 200 state-of-the-art double wagons suitable for international (UIC) gauge traffic.

The wagons will be equipped with a height-adjustable upper floor, allowing them to be adapted to the vehicles to be transported at the start of each route. In addition, the loading capacity, both in terms of height and weight, will make it possible to transport both large vehicles (vans or small lorries) and heavy vehicles (electric cars).

This project, funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU, will subsidise the purchase of almost €14 million.

The acquisition of these 200 wagons is intended to transfer part of the road transport of cars to the railways, thereby significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with this operation. One train in the national territory can carry the equivalent load of 40 lorries, reducing emissions by around 80%.

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