New Vectrons in the Budamar Group fleet

New Vectrons in the Budamar Group fleet

Budamar Group has added two new Vectron locomotives from the German manufacturer Siemens Mobility to its fleet.

The first addition to the fleet is a blue Vectron 5 370 028 belonging to the Polish company Indrustrial Division, which leases locomotives to various carriers under the CARGOUNIT brand.

"The situation on the market with new locomotives is difficult, the manufacturer Siemens has contracts for long periods in advance, and therefore our company has switched to long-term, but also short-term lease of Vectron locomotives. We have leased a Siemens Vectron locomotive from the Polish company Industrial Division for 18 months with an option for a further 6 months, which has already proven itself in our fleet. It is capable of operating in all countries where our Group operates. This locomotive is most often encountered on the Děčín - Štúrovo branch or in the direction of Ostrava. However, it will certainly also visit other parts of the railway networks where we operate," comments David Kostelník, Chief Operating Officer, on the reasons for the purchase.

On 24 June 2021, a new white Siemens Vectron 193.964 locomotive, this time from Alpha Trains, arrived in Slovakia on a Walter express train. This Vectron becomes the newest addition to the Budamar Group. Like the blue Vectron Industrial Division locomotive, this locomotive has a long-term lease agreement. It should be at the head of Budamar Group trains for the next three years.

Budamar Group is thus responding to the increased demand for locomotives caused by the increase in the volume of traffic operated by the group's carriers, as well as the long delivery times of the new locomotives.
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