Angel Trains and University of St Andrews Collaborate on Green Hydrogen Rail Innovation

Angel Trains and University of St Andrews Collaborate on Green Hydrogen Rail Innovation
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Angel Trains, one of the UK's foremost rolling stock companies, has joined hands with the University of St Andrews in a promising academic environment and industry convergence. Their collaborative effort is centred around a hydrogen train project.

On 29th September, the partnership celebrated a milestone with an event marking Angel Trains' donation of a hydrogen electrolyser to the university. This equipment promises to bolster the university's ambitious green hydrogen research initiatives.

Attendees of the event were given an insightful tour of the Eden Campus. Discussions centred on the donated electrolyser's pivotal role in the University's aspirations to establish a Green Hydrogen Accelerator – a dedicated hub tailored for progressive research and development.

Angel Trains, University of St Andrews and other key industry associates successfully led Scotland’s inaugural zero-emission hydrogen-powered train venture in the past. It entailed a transformation of a three-car Class 314 train, equipping it with a hydrogen fuel cell electric powertrain. The critical electrolyser played a foundational role, showcasing the feasibility of a sustainable green-energy fuel cycle.

Echoing this collaborative spirit, Professor John Irvine from the University of St Andrews' School of Chemistry remarked, “This collaboration with Angel Trains, a commercial behemoth, underscores the importance of academia and industry joining forces to amplify the rollout of zero-emission technologies. Angel Trains deserves commendation for its proactive approach in synergising with us towards a greener rail landscape.”

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