Czech company AMiT to supply complete information systems for trains in India

Czech company AMiT to supply complete information systems for trains in India

The company has doubled its turnover in the Indian market and sees it as a promising market with significant growth potential due to massive investments in railway development and the adoption of global safety standards.

Transportation group of AMiT won two auctions last year to supply components for train information systems in India. The company doubled its sales in the Indian market last year and has identified India as a very promising market with potential for further growth.

"India is investing massively in the development and modernization of railways and metros," said Aleš Krutina, CEO of AMiT. "They are also adopting safety standards from Europe and around the world, which are at the highest level in the world. That is why India is close to us in this direction”.


AMiT has been active in the Indian railway industry since 2016 and is a technological leader alongside Germany, Switzerland, and France. Its main advantage is the wide range of products it supplies. The Indian railway industry shows a stable and rapidly growing development, and it is the third-largest export market for AMiT after Poland and Turkey.

"A partial localization of production directly in India is a condition for obtaining a contract for the delivery of complete information systems. We have secured a service partner on the market for this purpose," added Krutina. "If our partner wins the contract, we are ready to take steps to prepare for localization and start production next year."

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