The longest train in the world, consisting of 100 wagons and 1906 meters long, crossed Rhaetian Railway.

The longest train in the world, consisting of 100 wagons and 1906 meters long, crossed Rhaetian Railway.

Rhaetian Railway (RhB) took the world's longest narrow gauge passenger train on the UNESCO World Heritage route from the Albula Tunnel in Preda to the world-famous Landwasser Viaduct just outside Filisur.

RhB traveled along the Albula Line on Saturday afternoon, 29 October 2022, with 25 four-part Capricorn railcars from Swiss manufacturer Stadler. The 1,906-metre-long record train was lined up in the Albula Tunnel during the night from Friday to Saturday and on Saturday morning. It then set off in Preda at 2.20 pm. Shortly after 3.30 pm, the record-breaking train reached its destination: the crossing of the Landwasser Viaduct.

“After intensive preparation, we are overjoyed to have achieved this world record. Not only did we have a wonderful railway festival here in Bergün, but we were able to present ourselves around the world as a fascinating and innovative mountain railway thanks to our dedicated partners, sponsors, and an incredibly dedicated team,” says Renato Fasciati, Director of RhB shortly after the world record was set. The success of the world record was officially confirmed on-site by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™.

  • The train consisted of 25 compositions, each with four carriages of the new Capricorn railcars, and had a total length of 1,906 meters.
  • The world-record route from Preda to Alvaneu is 24,930 meters long.
  • The train covered a difference in altitude of 789.4 meters (Preda = 1,788.7 m a.s.l.; Alvaneu = 999.3 m a.s.l.).
  • The world's record-breaking journey crossed 48 bridges and went through 22 tunnels.
  • The largest viaduct on the world record route is the world-famous Landwasser Viaduct just after Filisur with a length of 142 meters and a height of 65 meters.
  • The longest tunnel on the world record route is the Greifenstein Tunnel just before Filisur which is 698 meters long.
  • The attempt to break the world record generated 4,000 kWh of braking energy (recuperation).
  • The world-record train traveled at a speed of 30 to 35 km/h.
  • The record-breaking journey took around an hour.
  • The weight of the record-breaking train was around 2,990 tonnes.
  • Communication within the train was ensured using a field telephone almost two kilometers long from the Civil Defence.
  • In addition, 7 train drivers and 21 technicians were at work on the train to ensure its operability.

During this event, a festival site was built outside Bergün were around 3,000 visitors attended the world record attempt. On the festival site, Märklin also presented the world record train in mini format – with 25 Capricorn LGB model trains and a length of 80 meters on a scale of 1:22.5. More than 120 media representatives from 15 countries followed the world record live.

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