Norske Tog and Go-Ahead upgraded the first Class 73 unit in Norway

Norske Tog and Go-Ahead upgraded the first Class 73 unit in Norway
© Norske Tog

The pilot project is aimed at enhancing the reliability and modernity of the 25-year-old trains.

Norske Tog, in collaboration with Go-Ahead Nordic and Mantena, recently showcased the first upgraded Class 73 train intended to improve the travel experience on the Sørlandsbanen line.

The Class 73 trains, known for their operational challenges affecting punctuality, are a critical issue for both passengers and Go-Ahead, the operator leasing these trains from Norske Tog. Mantena is responsible for the maintenance of these trains. A series of upgrades are being undertaken to address these challenges, aiming to make the trains more reliable and offer a refreshed, modern experience for travelers.

Go-Ahead, highlighting the collaborative efforts with Norske Tog and Mantena, hosted local politicians from Agder and Telemark and representatives from the Ministry of Transport at Mantena's workshop in Grorud. This gathering provided an opportunity to examine the enhancements being made to the pilot train. The project is marked by its cost-effective, targeted improvements, considered a judicious use of public funds.

© Norske Tog
© Norske Tog

This initiative is the first step in a plan to refurbish a total of eight train sets by the end of 2024. The refurbishment includes measures like sealing the train to prevent electronic condensation, replacing and repairing components of the tilting system, updating heating and ventilation modules, improving electrical cabinets to protect against moisture, revising tilting modules, and maintaining new compressors.

The age of Norway's trains often correlates with their reliability, with older trains tending to be less punctual. Recognizing this, Norske Tog has embarked on projects to acquire new long-distance and local trains, having signed contracts for 55 local trains and 17 long-distance trains, with options for up to 200 local and 100 long-distance trains in total. This acquisition strategy includes plans for new long-distance trains to serve the Sørlandsbanen, aiming to maintain service reliability until the new trains are operational.

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