FNM and Trenord overhaul Lombardy's high-capacity trains

FNM and Trenord overhaul Lombardy's high-capacity trains

North Italian operators will refurbish the Treno ad alta frequentazione (TAF) fleet.

FNM and Trenord have initiated a comprehensive refurbishment of 34 high-frequency TAF trains, made by Titagarh Firema ,in the region's fleet. Scheduled for completion by 2025, this project involves an investment exceeding 60 million euros.

The renovation, which began in 2023, aims to integrate advanced technology for passengers and staff, improve travel comfort, and focus on sustainable processes and materials. Key elements of the upgrade include system overhauls, interior refurnishing, and the application of a new livery aligning with the colours used in the newer Caravaggio, Donizetti, and Colleoni trains. Emphasizing sustainability, the project includes seats made from recycled materials from previous furnishings, reflecting a commitment to the circular economy.


The refurbishment will update TAF trains, constructed between 1996 and 2002, with features and functionalities essential for extending their service life by another decade.

The first fully renovated TAF train was showcased on 24 January 2024 in Milan Cadorna..

This event also served as an opportunity to review the ongoing plan to introduce new trains into Lombardy's railway service. Currently, 144 new trains are operational, with a total of 214 expected by 2025.

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