LNER orders 10 tri-mode CAF trains, financed by Porterbrook

LNER orders 10 tri-mode CAF trains, financed by Porterbrook

Porterbrook has been selected to finance a fleet of 10 new tri-mode trains for London North Eastern Railway (LNER), which will be built by CAF.

The new trains will be capable of operating in electric, battery, and diesel modes and are part of LNER's commitment to reducing emissions. The initiative aligns with LNER's objectives to reduce its emissions by 67% by 2035 and reach net zero by 2045.

The new ten-coach trains will complement LNER's existing Azuma fleet, enhancing service on its 956-mile network and supporting the company's goal to be a leading train operator in the UK. CAF UK Director Richard Garner highlighted that the trains will bring environmental benefits such as reduced carbon emissions and lower noise and vibration pollution, along with optimizing energy consumption.

The €500 million deal with CAF not only covers the trains' cost, financed by Porterbrook, but also includes 8 years of maintenance services. The trains are based on CAF’s Civity UK platform, equipped with advanced safety features and designed for intercity services with a focus on interior design and passenger comfort.

Set to serve on the East Coast Main Line (ECML), these versatile units can operate on both electrified and non-electrified sections, increasing operational efficiency and flexibility. The trains are scheduled to be assembled at CAF’s manufacturing facility in Newport, Wales.

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