Military mobility: additional freight transport between ports of the Baltic Sea and Ukraine

Karel Novak, Published on 02/01/2023
Military mobility: additional freight transport between ports of the Baltic Sea and Ukraine
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During his recent visit to Poland, Lithuanian Minister of Transport and Communications Marius Skuodis discussed with the Polish Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk cooperation in creating new freight corridors between the ports of the Baltic Sea countries and Ukraine.

According to Marius Skuodis, the coordination of the actions of Lithuania and Poland and the joint representation of regional military mobility needs in international formats are extremely important in the current geopolitical context. Both countries seek greater European funding for projects allowing to improve transport and logistics connections throughout Central and Eastern Europe and contributing to the development of transport links with Ukraine.

“My Polish colleague and I discussed solutions that would allow us to strengthen the North-South transport corridor connecting the Baltic, Black and Aegean seas both by road and by European railway. Together, we are looking for the best solutions that would help speed up the implementation of strategic infrastructure projects,” said Marius Skuodis, Lithuanian Minister of Transport and Communications.

Lithuania and Poland intend to further develop the road connection through the Aradnykai-Lazdijai border crossing point, and the possibility of extending the North Sea-Baltic Corridor via Luckas-Dorohusk is being considered. It is also planned to prepare a joint list of projects expanding the transport corridor to Ukraine and jointly apply for financial support from EU financial instruments for the implementation of these projects.

According to the Minister of Transport and Communications, both Lithuania and Poland will actively seek further additional European support for military mobility projects and will cooperate even more actively with Ukraine in organizing alternative transportation routes.

This effort has already brought the first money. Lithuania will receive an additional investment of EUR 46 million from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) to finance military mobility projects. This support will be granted for the reconstruction of two further sections of the highway Via Baltica from Marijampolė to the Polish border.



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