RAILPOOL: new locomotive workshop in Hamburg

RAILPOOL: new locomotive workshop in Hamburg

New workshop of Railpool Lokservice GmbH & Co. KG is being built at the Hamburg Billbrook site, mainly due to the growing volume of rolling stock.

RAILPOOL is investing in the construction of a new modern locomotive workshop in Hamburg Billbrook. The project comprises a total floor space of approximately 4,000m², of which around 800m² will be used for offices and social rooms.

Torsten Lehnert, CEO of RAILPOOL, says: “By investing in a future-proof workshop infrastructure, we are making an important contribution to the rail industry by providing the maintenance capacity required for the growing volume of rolling stock. The spacious new locomotive workshop building in Hamburg Billbrook will enable a wide range of services from maintenance work to overhauls with the shortest possible throughput times.”

RAILPOOL has six company-owned workshop locations. The two workshop sites of Railpool Lokservice GmbH & Co. KG are located at the hub of European freight traffic in Hamburg, another location in Germany is KTG GmbH in Duisburg, and in August, the Norwegian NTT AS was added with three workshop locations in Norway and Sweden.

Christoph Engel, Managing Director of Railpool Lokservice GmbH & Co. KG, explains: “When planning the new workshop design, the focus was not only to allow for space for a variety of maintenance options but also on maximizing the efficiency of workshop processes as increased storage capacity, easier delivery of materials, simplified logistics, for example during overhauls, and powerful overhead cranes.

The new building will have energy-efficient construction. The offices will be heated with waste heat from the workshop and the roof area will be used for the installation of a photovoltaic system. The entire roof area of the office building and the workshop hall will be covered with extensive greening.

The construction of the new building is scheduled to begin at the turn of the year 2022/23, with a construction period of approximately one year.

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