From vision to reality: EU agrees on transformative TEN-T network upgrade

From vision to reality: EU agrees on transformative TEN-T network upgrade
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With a phased approach to completion by 2050, this agreement promises to emphasize the shift towards sustainable mobility and meet the diverse needs of Member States.

In a major step forward for European transport, the Council Presidency and European Parliament negotiators have reached a provisional agreement on a revised regulation for developing the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). This ambitious initiative aims to create a seamless, high-quality, and sustainable transport infrastructure across Europe, addressing long-standing problems of physical disruption, bottlenecks, and missing links.

“Today's agreement is a milestone for better and sustainable connectivity in Europe. The guidelines on the TEN-T network are a key instrument of the EU's transport policy which will contribute greatly to strengthening the EU's cohesion and to stimulating growth and jobs,” said Óscar Puente, Spanish minister of transport and sustainable mobility.

The new legislation outlines a step-by-step approach to developing or upgrading the network. The plan includes three phases: completion of the core network by 2030, the newly added extended core network by 2040, and the comprehensive network by 2050. This approach is essential for major, mainly cross-border projects, including new high-speed rail links between major European cities.

Concerning rail infrastructure, the co-legislators have set ambitious targets to facilitate a modal shift towards sustainable modes of transport. Key provisions include deploying the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), the standardization of track gauges, and developing rail freight capacity. These measures are intended to ensure efficient and uninterrupted rail operations throughout the TEN-T network.

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