Hupac returns to pre-pandemic figures

Hupac returns to pre-pandemic figures

Last year, the Hupac Group carried 1,123,600 road consignments in combined road/rail transport and maritime inland transport.

Compared to the previous year, around 100,000 additional trucks were shifted, which corresponds to an increase of 10.7%. Hupac thus reached the pre-pandemic traffic volume again in 2019 and even exceeded it by almost 10%.

The Hupac Group's 2021 turnover increased by over 14% to a new record of CHF 682 million. With an annual profit of CHF 12.4 million, Hupac posted a pleasing business result following the loss in the Corona year 2020. Investments in tangible assets were relatively modest at CHF 24 million. The reason for this is the postponement of investment projects due to the Corona uncertainty.

Outlook 2022: economic slowdown expected – strengthening of Hupac's offer

The economic slowdown, caused by such factors as the increasing disruptions in global supply chains, is also making itself felt at Hupac. In the first quarter of the current year, the Hupac Group recorded traffic growth of around 4%. In April, the traffic volume was below the previous year's level. This was due to the three weeks of construction work on the Rhine Valley route, which resulted in a halving of transport capacity. "We expect the construction sites scheduled for the summer to be planned much better and more freight-friendly on the rail side, and we will campaign for this at all levels," says Michail Stahlhut, CEO of the Hupac Group.

"The war in Ukraine, renewed disruption of global supply chains as a result of the current Covid situation in China and the upcoming interest rate rises due to high inflation make 2022 a challenging year. Predictions are difficult in this situation," explains Hans-Jörg Bertschi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hupac Ltd. At the end of the year, Hupac expects traffic growth in the single-digit percentage range and a positive business result.

The main focus of the current network development is on increasing services in the Belgium/Germany-Italy traffic and the development of alternative routings to the main traffic routes as a measure to increase resilience. Further initiatives concern the introduction of gateway connections in Italy and the connection of the Ligurian ports to the shuttle network of Hupac.

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