RCG and böhler Abfall GmbH partner for eco-friendly sewage sludge transport

RCG and böhler Abfall GmbH partner for eco-friendly sewage sludge transport
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Using the MOBILER logistics concept, up to 12,000 tonnes of sewage sludge per year are transported by rail from Vorarlberg to Lower Austria, providing an efficient and sustainable end-to-end logistics solution.

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) is revolutionizing sewage sludge transports with its MOBILER logistics concept. In accordance with the amended Waste Management Act (WMA), RCG has teamed up with waste management company böhler Abfall GmbH to transport sewage sludge from Vorarlberg to Lower Austria, offering an efficient and sustainable solution that complies with the new regulations.

Under the new Waste Management Act, waste shipments weighing more than ten tonnes must be transported by rail if the distance exceeds 300 kilometers. This regulation aims to reduce the environmental impact of waste transport and promote sustainable practices. RCG's MOBILER logistics concept is a direct response to these requirements.

What sets the MOBILER concept apart is its ability to seamlessly combine the advantages of both rail and road transport. The MOBILER vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic lifting device that enables quick and easy transhipment between truck and wagon. This eliminates the need for a crane or dedicated siding, streamlining the logistics process and increasing overall efficiency.

The process begins in Vorarlberg, where the MOBILER configurations are loaded at the Feldkirch Region Wastewater Association. From there, the configurations are transferred to RCG railroad cars at the Klaus station. This environmentally friendly rail leg serves as the main transport route, carrying the sewage in single wagon loads to the destination stations in the Vienna area. Finally, the MOBILER configurations and the sludge are transported to nearby recycling facilities for further processing.

Looking to the future, the potential for rail-based waste transport in Austria is significant. With the Waste Management Act gradually reducing the distance thresholds for mandatory rail transport, it is estimated that around 15 million tonnes of waste could be transported by rail in the country.

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