Kazakhstan freight trains: reducing fuel and energy consumption

Kazakhstan freight trains: reducing fuel and energy consumption
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NC KTZ JSC, in co-operation with Wabtec Corporation, is carrying out a pilot project to introduce the Trip Optimizer programme for the operation of freight trains, which will reduce the consumption of fuel and energy resources and the wear and tear of equipment.

Trip Optimizer is an adaptive cruise control project for Evolution series locomotives. This technology allows the speed of the train to be controlled based on the optimal fuel consumption model, taking into account many factors such as the route, route profile, train composition and other conditions. Trip Optimizer also takes into account the current condition of the locomotive, allowing you to maximise its potential and reduce equipment wear.

"The Trip Optimizer programme will help to further improve the efficiency of KTZ's freight locomotives. The modernisation of the railway industry in Kazakhstan should not only be cost-effective, but also more environmentally friendly. The combination of these effects will strengthen our position as a leader in railway technologies," said Anuar Akhmetzhanov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of NC KTZ JSC for Strategy.

Wabtec Corporation's programme is expected to help freight trains operate more economically, reducing fuel and energy consumption by at least 5% in the future.

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