Ukraine: TAS Group acquires 40% stake in TransANT GmbH

Ukraine: TAS Group acquires 40% stake in TransANT GmbH

TAS Group will manufacture the main components of the TransANT freight wagon in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian financial and industrial company TAS Group, headquartered in Kiyv, has acquired a 40.03% stake in TransANT GmbH. TAS Group is one of the fastest-growing companies in Ukraine and has extensive experience in a wagon and component manufacturing through its own production facility in Dniprovagonmash (Ukraine). This plant will now produce the main components of the TransANT freight wagons.

The remaining shares in TransANT GmbH are divided between the existing owners and the founding companies: voestalpine Stahl GmbH, a subsidiary of the steel and technology group voestalpine AG, continues to hold a majority stake of 48.10%. The remaining 11.87% is held by the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group. The new ownership structure, combined with the combined expertise from different sectors, is expected to contribute to the development of products, production capacity, and sales of innovative modular lightweight freight cars.

The TransANT wagon has been designed as a lightweight and modular vehicle to increase rail freight capacity and provide a flexible superstructure that can be adapted to individual logistics requirements. The first prototypes of the TransANT freight wagon, used to transport ore, were produced in 2019. A separate company, TransANT GmbH, was then set up in 2020 to plan the development and marketing of the wagon. Production of the first models began in 2022.

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