PKP LHS Company achieved the best result in its history

PKP LHS Company achieved the best result in its history

In 2022, PKP LHS Company carried 11.108 million tonnes. According to the company, it happened despite the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine, the closure of the borders with Russia and Belarus, and the Black Sea ports.

Surpassing 11 million tonnes is a record haulage result in the entire history of the PKP LHS (Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa) Company. This result was achieved with the lowest share of iron ore haulage to date and the dominance of haulage of other cargos. All these issues required significantly more financial resources, increased work of employees, as well as state administration services at the border.

"The realization of such transport was possible thanks to the intensive investment activities carried out by the PKP LHS Company in recent years. The very good transport result was also significantly influenced by transports carried out as part of humanitarian aid to Ukraine," said Zbigniew Tracichleb, President of the Management Board of PKP LHS.

In 2022, the Company made several investments totaling over PLN 57 million, including the reconstruction of the track system along with the modernization of the wagon hall at the Hrubieszów LHS station. The next was the completion of the second stage of the investment concerning the installation of railway traffic control equipment, allowing the full visualization of the traffic situation on routes, passing places, and stations.

Another investment of the company, the construction of the Zamość - Majdan LHS passing station, contributed to increasing the capacity. A storage hall was put into use of the Szczebrzeszyn LHS Transhipment Terminal. And on the premises of the PKP LHS Company, 7 photovoltaic farms were also built with a total capacity of over 365 kWh.

The LHS Line (also known as "broad track") is the longest on the territory of Poland's broad gauge railway line (track gauge of 1520 mm) designed for freight transport. It is also the farthest west broad-gauge line in Europe. It connects the Polish-Ukrainian railway border crossing Hrubieszów / Izow with Silesia and ends in Sławków in Dąbrowski Basin (25 km from Katowice). The length of the line amounts to almost 400 km (the exact length of the line is 394.650 km). The line has a specific regional coverage (runs through south-eastern Poland and Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie, Małopolskie i Silesia provinces). The main attributes of the line transport without handling the goods at the border and the ability to drive heavy train sets.

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