Only 10 days takes now rail connection between Chinese Xian and the Port of Duisburg

Only 10 days takes now rail connection between Chinese Xian and the Port of Duisburg
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The China-Europe Railway Express line is 9.908 km long and trains have started to run on it according to a fixed timetable.

The port published that the connection between Duisburg and the main hubs in China was shorter from 12 - 16 days to 10 days. And concurrently is faster than by ship and significantly cheaper than transporting freight by air.

"Every improvement in the trade routes between Asia and Europe strengthens the position of the Port of Duisburg as a central hub for rail freight transport in the European hinterland. China traffic via the New Silk Road remains an important part of the Port of Duisburg's wide-ranging business model," said duisport Executive Board member Carsten Hinne at the official reception of the train at the DIT terminal in the Port of Duisburg.

The train was loaded with photovoltaics, compressors, and other goods. Despite the Ukraine war, the train took the classic route through Belarus and Russia.

At Port of Duisburg, the gathering between the delegation from Wuhan and duisport also took place. The focus of the joint meeting was on the strategic cooperation between Duisburg and Wuhan and the further development of the international intermodal transport concept to optimize the German-Chinese exchange of goods in the future.

@LinkedIn of duisport
@LinkedIn of duisport
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