DB Cargo will transport wood for UPM’s new biorefinery

DB Cargo will transport wood for UPM’s new biorefinery

This partnership offers a sustainable wood delivery system to the Leuna operations, emphasizing the use of rail transport for environmental efficiency of their supply chain.

UPM Biochemicals has recently achieved a new development in its ongoing project to establish the world's inaugural industrial scale biorefinery in Leuna, Germany. This achievement involves the initiation of the first deliveries of wood to the biorefinery's wood yard via rail, a collaborative effort with DB Cargo.

For the establishment of a direct rail link to the Leuna biorefinery's wood yard, DB Cargo has been selected as the partner for this initiative due to its long history of handling UPM’s freight for paper and pulp via rail.

This collaboration between UPM Biochemicals and DB Cargo should provide a complex sustainable logistics setup for wood transportation to the Leuna biorefinery. The first batch of wood chips, produced from sustainably managed regional forests, has already been processed at the site. This not only demonstrates the progress in the refinery's setup but also confirms the commitment to sustainable practices from the onset of operations.

The Leuna biorefinery represents a significant investment by UPM, aimed at transforming sustainably sourced, certified hardwood into next-generation biochemicals. This initiative is part of UPM's broader strategy to transition from fossil-based to renewable materials across various industries, supporting a more sustainable future. The refinery is positioned to play a crucial role in UPM Biorefining's growth area, focusing on the production of renewable fuels and chemicals from sustainable biomass.

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