Innofreight optimizes timber transport with the Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn system

Innofreight optimizes timber transport with the Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn system

Designed for the efficient transport of both roundwood and sawn timber, the timber wagon reduces empty runs, increases payload capacity, and minimizes the need for additional train runs.

Innofreight has recently implemented 23 Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn units in Germany, which have been providing optimized round trips for Schwaiger Holzindustrie since October. This development is particularly important to the sawmill industry as it minimizes empty runs and reduces additional train journeys due to the higher payload.

The wagons are used to supply Schwaiger Holzindustrie and to streamline the circulation of timber throughout Germany. Loaded with timber packages at the Hengersberg plant, they transport goods to export hubs along the North and Baltic Sea. On the return journey, they pick up logs at various loading points on their way back to the original plant, effectively completing a single transport loop across the country.

Key features of the Round & Sawn system include 2.5-meter-long stanchions, facilitating efficient log transportation. A 2×45 ft InnoWaggon integrated with the Round & Sawn attachment can transport up to 120 solid cubic meters of logs, representing a 25% increase compared to conventional wagons. Additionally, it accommodates up to 191 cubic meters of sawn timber, matching the maximum payload capacity of 144 tons of the Smart GigaWood 5×5 system.

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