ÖBB Rail Cargo Group's new multimodal beverage transit for Brau Union & Spar

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group's new multimodal beverage transit for Brau Union & Spar
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RCG integrates road and rail transport with an environmentally conscious approach to transport goods from Vienna-Schwechat to Tyrol efficiently.

The ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) is introducing a pioneering multimodal transport strategy together with Brau Union Österreich and Spar. By combining road and rail, RCG is reshaping the way beers, soft drinks, and other beverages are transported from Vienna-Schwechat to Tyrol.

The journey begins at Brau Union Österreich's production plant in Vienna-Schwechat, where the beverages begin their expedition by truck to the Vienna South terminal. Here they are transferred to rail for a single wagonload journey to terminals near seven Spar distribution centers throughout Austria, most notably the Hall terminal in Tyrol. From these terminals, trucks cover the last mile to the Spar warehouse in Wörgl. 

One innovation is RCG's use of Curtainsider Swap Bodies. These versatile load carriers offer multi-dimensional loading capabilities, facilitating the transfer between road and rail and allowing loading and unloading from multiple angles. The advantage of this multimodal system is its flexibility, as it eliminates the need for customer-owned sidings at the site.

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