Hungary's grain finds its way to Egypt and Tunisia via RCH's rail network

Hungary's grain finds its way to Egypt and Tunisia via RCH's rail network

In cooperation with Croatia's HŽ Cargo, RCH has already transported 14,000 tonnes of grain, mainly wheat and barley, to Egypt and Tunisia via the port of Rijeka.

Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH) is on a mission to bring Hungarian grain to new international markets. Since the end of the domestic harvest, RCH has successfully transported 14,000 tonnes of grain to the Port of Rijeka, with Egypt and Tunisia as the main destinations.

In collaboration with the Croatian state railway company (HŽ Cargo), RCH has facilitated the transport of 13 trainloads, predominantly carrying wheat and barley, from Miskolc to waiting ships at the Adriatic docks. To support these efforts, they've made substantial use of the Croatian company's grain wagon sets.

Hungary's bumper wheat and barley crop this year, coupled with an expected maize harvest, has led to a surge in demand for grain transport since August. RCH is prepared to transport over 1 million tonnes of Hungarian grain for export this grain season. This huge operation will utilize 700 of RCH's grain wagons and an additional 1,500 dedicated wagons from the group.

RCH has secured a contract to double its current grain haulage by the end of the year. Negotiations are also underway to transport Ukrainian transit grain alongside Hungarian grain exports. RCH's commitment to cost-effective transport includes the use of high-capacity Vectron locomotives for grain trains, enabling maximum load trains of 1600 net tonnes, thereby reducing unit transport costs. Wagon turnaround times are significantly reduced, as exemplified by streamlined cross-border operations at the Gyékényes border crossing.

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