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DDAP-RAX is a manufacturer of railway axles, viz. railcar and locomotive axles, axles for diesel – and trains, for subway and for specialized rolling stock.

Interstate-McBee LLC

Interstate-McBee is the world’s leading manufacturer of fuel injector and injector components for EMD and GE engines.
Interstate-McBee LLC logo

Greenbrier Maxion

Greenbrier Maxion develops and manufactures railway freight cars and bogies, also reforming, adjusting and modernizing freight cars and their components.
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METISA Metalúrgica Timboense S.A.

METISA is present in the railway industry, supplying parts to motivate the growth of the railways and the consequently,
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INPS Group Inc.

INPS provides graphic solutions for interior/exterior facilities, Transit, Rail, Traffic, Fleet and OEM.
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Quester Tangent Corporation

We are a leading manufacturer, supplier, and integrator of train electronics and software solutions for the passenger rail and locomotive industries in North America.
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Rogers Corporation

Our laminated multilayer busbars offer efficient and compact connections for propulsion, auxiliary, and other IGBT-based converters.
Rogers Corporation logo

Perrone Leather , LLC

Perrone is recognized as the world-wide leader for transportation soft goods.
Perrone Leather , LLC logo

Mosebach Manufacturing Company

Mosebach has been supplying dynamic braking resistors for locomotives for over 40 years.
Mosebach Manufacturing Company logo

Miner Enterprises Inc.

Miner Enterprises is a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of railcar components.
Miner Enterprises Inc. logo

Milwaukee Composites Incorporated

We are an industry leading manufacturer of patented phenolic composite products for mass transit vehicles.
Milwaukee Composites Incorporated logo

Maven Engineering Corp

Maven Engineering is a supplier of locomotive engine parts to railroad operators, rebuilders and repair shops around the world.
Maven Engineering Corp logo

Lippert Components Incorporated

Lippert is one of the leading innovators and manufacturers in railway solutions, manufacturing custom glass, rolling stock windows and a variety of rail interior products.
Lippert Components Incorporated logo

Jewell Instruments, LLC

Jewell Instruments has been supplying sensors for driver and driverless metro trains worldwide for nearly half a century.
Jewell Instruments, LLC logo

Henrich Electronics Corporation

Henrich Corporation has been helping customers to manage their industrial automation systems with rugged and secured Ethernet Networking Products.
Henrich Electronics Corporation logo

Crystex Composites LLC

Crystex Composites is the manufacturer and distributor of Mykroy/Mycalex® which is the trade name for the glass bonded mica ceramic material.
Crystex Composites LLC logo


AMPS broad gen-set experience coupled with decades working in the locomotive industry delivers cost-effective and reliable solutions to locomotive manufacturers and rail companies
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Amsted Rail builds everything from wheels, axles and bearings to brake systems, bogies, bolsters and more. Whether you need components or integrated systems, global tracking technology or performance analytics, Amsted Rail has the answers.
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AEGIS dba Electro Static Technology

Population density in many metropolitan cities and the issues it creates — congestion, snar led traffic, lack of par king, and air pollution — have let many cities and their sur rounding suburbs to turn to light rail systems and mass transit. And recent advances in light rail v ehicle (LRV) traction systems have made it possible for vehicle designers to replace cumbersome and heavy DC traction systems with VFD-controlled AC motors that provide equal or greater pulling power, weight and energy savings, and reduced maintenance.
AEGIS dba Electro Static Technology logo

A.E. Petsche

A.E. Petsche Company is widely recognized as the leading supplier of high-performance interconnect products including wire and cable, connector, harness protection, RF microwave, and electromechanical components
A.E. Petsche logo

Elpress Inc.

We have been developing, manufacturing and marketing complete crimping systems for electrical connectors since 1959.
Elpress Inc. logo

ABB Installation Products, Inc.

ABB Installation Products designs and manufactures products used to manage the connection, distribution, and transmission of electrical power in industrial, construction, and utility applications.
ABB Installation Products, Inc. logo

Greenbrier Companies, Inc.

We are one of the leading designers, manufacturers and marketers of railroad freight car equipment in North America and Europe as well as provider of wheel services, parts, leasing and other services.
Greenbrier Companies, Inc. logo

FreightCar America

FreightCar America designs and manufactures steel, stainless steel, aluminum and hybrid steel-aluminum freight cars that transport a wide variety of bulk commodities, containerized freight etc.
FreightCar America logo

Progress Rail Services Corporation

We are one of the largest integrated diversified providers of rolling stock and infrastructure solutions and technologies for the global rail industry.
Progress Rail Services Corporation logo

Wabtec Corporation

As the world’s foremost rail technology company, we will lead the way in creating a more sustainable freight and passenger transportation network.
Wabtec Corporation logo

Trinity Rail Group Inc.

TrinityRail is North America’s premier railcar products and services provider. With a comprehensive platform of leasing, manufacturing, maintenance and professional services.
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