SŽ has started the operation of Stadler FLIRT trains to Austria

SŽ has started the operation of Stadler FLIRT trains to Austria
© SŽ-Potniški promet, d. o. o.

Slovenia and Austria have improved rail connectivity with modern trains.

Slovenske železnice (SŽ) have introduced 6 new pairs of direct train connections between Slovenia and Austria starting March 21, improving the rail link between the two countries. This expansion has resulted in a total of 38 daily train connections in both directions.

The newly introduced connections are serviced by Stadler FLIRT trains, a modern addition to the SŽ fleet. Among these, three pairs of trains connect Ljubljana to Graz, Maribor to Graz, and Pragersko through Maribor to Graz. Each of these pairs offers connections from Maribor and Pragersko to Ljubljana, and three pairs run between Ljubljana and Villach daily.

The inauguration of these services was marked by an event at the Ljubljana Railway Station, attended by representatives from both Slovenian Railways and the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). The collaboration between SŽ and ÖBB has been highlighted as instrumental in increasing the number of international passengers, especially between Slovenia and Austria.

© SŽ-Potniški promet, d. o. o.
© SŽ-Potniški promet, d. o. o.

Given the strategic importance of the Slovenia-Austria route for international rail traffic, these new services are expected to foster greater connectivity and convenience for travelers, also anticipating future improvements in international rail services following infrastructure upgrades.

The new Stadler FLIRT trains feature low-floor design for easier access, air conditioning, bike storage, spacious toilets equipped for disabled access and changing tables for young families, large panoramic windows, a modern information system, charging outlets for electronic devices, Wi-Fi connectivity, and internet access. These enhancements are part of SŽ's commitment to improving passenger experience and expanding its fleet with modern trains, with more to be added in the coming years for both domestic and international routes.

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