Talgo: launching Intercity trains in Egypt

Karel Novak, Published on 03/01/2023
Talgo: launching Intercity trains in Egypt

Egypt’s national railway company ENR has started the commercial operation of the Intercity trains built by Talgo in Spain. The first services connect the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and Alexandria city.

The project supposes the supply of six units and their maintenance for eight years, for 160 million euros, which has also involved the construction of new Talgo facilities in Egypt.

The contract included the supply of six train units with a maximum commercial speed of 160 km/h and 490 seats. Each unit is made up of a locomotive and fifteen towed cars, five of them for first class, eight for second class, one mixed with a cafeteria and seats for people with reduced mobility, and a technical car.

These Intercity trains were manufactured in Talgo’s factory in Alava, Spain). The company utilized hot temperature experience on the Mecca-Medina line in Saudi Arabia and equipped these trains with high-power redundant air conditioning systems which have been certified to operate at temperatures of up to 50ºC. They also feature an onboard WIFI platform throughout the train and infotainment systems in first-class cars.

In August 2022, Talgo was awarded a second contract for the manufacture of another seven passenger trains, in this case for night services, for an approximate amount of 280 million euros. This new night trains project will include the construction of the new units in the plants of Alava and Madrid, in Spain, as well as their maintenance in the facilities that Talgo already has in Egypt, for 15 years. The new trains will start to be delivered from 2024 onwards.



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