Innofreight has introduced DryTainer for climate-friendly steel production

Innofreight has introduced DryTainer for climate-friendly steel production

With its pyramid shape, the DryTainer minimizes air and dust pollution during loading and unloading, making it ideal for materials like DRI (direct reduced iron) used in climate-friendly steel production.

Innofreight has unveiled the new DryTainer at the transport logistic fair 2023. This container is set to transform the transportation of dusty, trickling, and moisture-sensitive bulk materials, particularly DRI (direct reduced iron) - a future CO₂-neutral raw material crucial for climate-friendly steel production.

The DryTainer, shaped like a four-sided pyramid, has been carefully designed to minimize the air space inside the container, preventing dust pollution during loading and unloading. In addition, the shape of the container is tailored to incorporate a tipping cone, which simplifies unloading operations and reduces the risk of abrasion and breakage. These features ensure that the high-quality properties of DRI are maintained throughout transport.

Innofreight, in collaboration with its partner DB Cargo, is the first to introduce rail transport for such reactive materials. Although initially intended for DRI, the DryTainer is versatile and offers a suitable solution for the transport of other moisture-sensitive, dusty, and corrosive goods. These include commodities such as salt, cement clinker, burnt lime, and quartz crystals.

The introduction of the DryTainer marks a step forward in the rail freight sector. By providing an efficient and safe solution for transporting DRI and similar materials, it addresses the industry's growing need for climate-friendly steel production processes.

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