TX Logistik AG: Intermodal triangular traffic between four countries

TX Logistik AG: Intermodal triangular traffic between four countries
@TX Logistik AG

In order to shift more goods onto rail, TX Logistik AG launched an international triangular intermodal service in mid-March.

The service offered by the rail logistics company, which is part of Mercitalia Logistics (Gruppo FS Italiane), connects Romania, Austria, Italy and Germany with one train per week. It has been designed for two major Romanian freight forwarders and an Italian haulier.

As opposed to normal round trips with outward and return connections between two destinations, this triangular concept connects the terminals in Curtici (Romania), Hall in Tirol (Austria), Verona (Italy) and Duisburg (Germany) with one-way connections.

The start and end point of the triangular connection is the Arad Railport in Curtici. From there, the train, which is also the first intermodal connection between Romania and Italy, first goes to the Quadrante Europa terminal in Verona - with a stop at the TSSU terminal in Hall/Tyrol, where wagons with trailers for Austria are transferred. From Verona, the journey continues - again with a stop in Hall - to Duisburg. There, TX Logistik is one of three owners operating the destination terminal in the logport III logistics area. The route from Duisburg to Curtici then marks the end of the triangular traffic.

Traction on the almost 4,000-kilometre-long triangular rail link is provided by TX Logistik, in Hungary and on the Romanian section by the Hungarian railway company Gysev. The company plans to increase capacity with a second train on 18 April.

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