Innofreight has developed a new fleet for wood transport

Innofreight has developed a new fleet for wood transport

The Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn wagon saves additional train runs thanks to its significantly higher capacity.

Innofreight has developed the Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn, which provides an efficient wood transport solution and achieves the best payload values when transporting sawn timber. The new fleet is particularly beneficial for the sawmill industry.

The adapted system features 2.5-meter-long stanchions and thus enables efficient log transport. 120 solid cubic meters of round wood can be transported by a 2×45 ft InnoWaggon with the Round & Sawn attachment – 25 percent more than conventional wagons. In the case of sawn timber, up to 191 cubic meters fit on a double wagon, which, like all Smart GigaWood systems, allows a payload of up to 144 tons.

The Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn stanchions are bolted, not welded, so customers can flexibly adjust them themselves to suit their needs. Depending on the length of the wood, the stanchions are attached to the wagon and changes can be made if necessary. Safety during transport is also enhanced by end walls on the outside.

The Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn wagon is designed to help minimize empty rides and provides significantly higher capacity. If a wagon arrives at the sawmill, it can be loaded directly with finished sawn timber packages after unloading and delivering them.

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