Pakistan Railways sets new record with longest freight train run

Pakistan Railways sets new record with longest freight train run
© Reman-net on Pixabay

The heaviest freight train in its history stretched over 2,500 feet with fifty wagons and was powered by a rugged GE U40 locomotive.

Pakistan Railways has set a new record by running the longest and heaviest freight train in its history. The train, which stretched over 2,500 feet with fifty coaches, was powered by the rugged GE U40 locomotive. It departed from Karachi and carried more than 3,000 tonnes of cargo to Kotri. The project is not only a breakthrough for Pakistan Railways, but also promises significant benefits for the country's transport infrastructure and efficiency.

With a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour and an average speed of 38 kilometers per hour, the freight train's performance is remarkable for its size. Its capacity is particularly noteworthy, with the ability to transport the equivalent of more than 94 22-wheel trucks. This capability is expected to play a vital role in reducing road congestion and improving overall transport efficiency across Pakistan.

The initiative is also in line with global efforts to protect the environment. By moving large volumes of freight by rail, Pakistan Railways aims to significantly reduce the pollution and carbon emissions typically associated with traditional road transport methods. This shift to rail for freight is seen as a strategic step towards a more sustainable and efficient transport network in the country.

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