XPO Logistics: new route between Italy and Germany

XPO Logistics: new route between Italy and Germany
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XPO Logistics has launched a new multimodal route between Italy and Germany, combining road and rail.

The daily route covers 900 km by rail from Domodossola in Italy to Duisburg in Germany. The new service mainly transports retail, food and automotive components. In addition, the line saves around 1 tonne of CO2 for each load carried, which is equivalent to the emissions saved by more than 14,600 trees in one day.

On this Italy-Germany route, the carrier uses P400 semi-trailers linked by GPS to a control tower that monitors operations in real time.

XPO Logistics currently operates multimodal routes combining rail and road between Barcelona - Bettembourg (Luxembourg), Barcelona - Duisburg (Germany), Perpignan - Valenton (south of Paris), Le Boulou - Calais (France) and Novara (Italy) - Duisburg (Germany), as well as others using short sea shipping, such as those linking the ports of Santander and Liverpool and the ports of Barcelona and Valencia with Savona in Italy.

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