ÖBB joins energy-saving measures and prepares comprehensive package of 30

ÖBB joins energy-saving measures and prepares comprehensive package of 30
@ÖBB / Harald Eisenberger

The package includes 19 degrees of room temperature in offices, workshops, and stations following similar measures in Germany and other countries.

As a result of the Ukraine war, Europe and Austria are currently experiencing an energy crisis. Heating and electricity are becoming noticeably more expensive. The current situation poses challenges for everyone in the country, especially given the approaching autumn and winter.

That is why a bundle of around 30 measures has been put together throughout the ÖBB Group in recent weeks to further reduce ÖBB's energy requirements:

"Together we must manage to use the valuable commodity of energy sensibly and save energy where possible," emphasizes ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä, encouraging people to use public transport: "Be smart and take the train." Keeping his measures in mind, he adds: "We will literally move together as Team ÖBB, dress warmly, and set a good example as one of the country's large companies."

With this, the ÖBB boss refers to one of the most challenging measures of the in-house energy-saving package: with the start of the heating season, the room temperature of ÖBB's own offices, workshops, and stations will be successively reduced to 19 degrees.

In addition, various options for reducing electricity consumption are being implemented at all locations. This concerns, among other things, switching off or dimming light sources and switching off standby.

In addition, the ongoing operational energy efficiency program is being driven forward: with measures such as energy-saving driving on the railways, the increasing use of recuperative traction vehicles (these are vehicles that recover energy when braking), and more efficient warm-up operation for double-decker coaches.

By 2024, the ÖBB Group aims to save a total of 180 GWh of energy compared to the base year 2014.

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