Alstom wins contract of Tel Aviv’s Green light rail systems

Petr Sarovsky, Published on 22/05/2022
Alstom wins contract of Tel Aviv’s Green light rail systems

Commute times are expected to be reduced by 14% on average.

Alstom and its partners Electra Ltd. & Dan Transportation, have been awarded a contract to design, build, maintain, and finance the Tel Aviv Metropolitan LRT Green Line by Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd (NTA). The project is valued at 2.6 billion euros and Alstom’s share is valued at €858 million euro1.

Alstom’s responsibility includes the design, engineering, supply, integration, testing, and commissioning of the railway system including tracks, electrification, power supply (Hesop, energy saving system), signaling, communication system, and the supply of 98 Citadis XO5 trams. Electra will manage the design and construction of the civil works. System maintenance will be performed by a joint venture composed of Dan Transportation, Electra, and Alstom.

“We are excited and grateful for the opportunity to support NTA in the development of the city’s urban network and serve hundreds of thousands of residents every day. We believe access to transport is an essential factor to promote and enhance social and economic progress. Everyone benefits from better access to public transport, reduced commute times, less congestion, and lower carbon emissions. Alstom and our partners Dan Transportation and Electra Ltd., believe this project will contribute to the growth of the rail ecosystem in the country and support the creation of hundreds of new jobs,” said Eran Cohen, Managing Director of Alstom Israel.

This project is part of a greater Transport Investment plan by Israel to address the country’s growing mobility demand. To reduce congestion in Tel Aviv and support its 4,000,000 inhabitants, two additional tramways will be introduced (Green and Purple). The Green Line is the longer of the two extending for over 39km and 62 stations, of which four will be underground. The Green Line will have state-of-the-art trams and is expected to move 76 million passengers in 2030.

The trams will operate in double units, 34 meters each with a fully low floor. The Citadis Xo5 trams will be designed and manufactured in Alstom’s center of development for Citadis trams in La Rochelle. The other French sites involved are Le Creusot for bogies, Ornans for motors, and Villeurbanne for passenger information systems. Additionally, Alstom’s Fez facility in Morocco will provide harnesses, and electrical cabinets and the Belgian site in Charleroi will provide electronic power with a new Integrated Traction and Auxiliary Converter in 1500 v and the Hesop energy saving system.



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